How High Performance Computing can help SMEs & GSS

Fortissimo is an EC-funded project that enables small and medium sized companies (SMEs) across Europe to access high-performance computing (HPC).

Many SMEs use simulations for their business, but they cannot afford the cost of owning and maintaining an HPC system.

«So, we not only give them the opportunity to access HPC resources, at a low cost, thanks to our cloud-based HPC services — explains Mark Parsons, Director of EPCC and Project Coordinator Fortissimo –, but, with HPC and simulation experts, we help them to realise the best simulation, too. For first time users one of the biggest costs is creating the initial model and realising it properly for simulation.»

Since 2013, when Fortissimo started, it has helped over 120 SMEs in Europe to improve their business, increase their efficiency and save money. «We focus on manufacturing companies, but the project can be replicated for other types of companies and for a wide range of projects.» The ability to perform advanced simulations will become more and more important, in many sectors; therefore businesses, which otherwise could not afford to run advanced simulations, should be given the necessary tools and access.

“It’s important to identify the different models which you want to use, then HPC experts can help the GSS community link them together for new understanding”