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The Centre

The Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science – CoeGSS – provides advanced decision-support in the face of global challenges. It brings together the power of high-performance computing and some of the most promising thinking on global systems in order to improve decisions in business, politics and civil society.

CoeGSS is a European consortium of supercomputing centres, scientific institutions, businesses and NGOs. It has been formed in 2015 on the basis of several years of previous research on global systems and ICT. CoeGSS is supported by the European Commission and has partners all over Europe. It is working closely with partners in the U.S. and other countries where similar centres may be formed in the future. It’s services shall be available worldwide. These services range from answering questions to performing in-depth studies on specific issues.

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Knowledge Base

One of the goals of CoeGSS project is to provide a database of reports and whitepapers, training materials and contact details of specialised experts allowing European industry and employment to benefit from both the academic and industrial worlds. Through this database CoeGSS will reduce the gap between the state of the art in HPC and Global Systems Science and the real world requirements.