During the course of the CoeGSS project deliverables will be produced.
This section of the website includes all the public deliverables which can be downloaded as soon as they are officially released.


The Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science brings together two previously rather unrelated communities: HPC and GSS.
This implies that GSS experts need to learn about HPC and HPC experts about GSS.
This section indicates resources that help start such a learning process.

The field of Global Systems Science is itself an emerging field. Introductory descriptions can be found for example here and here.
The free online course “Global Systems Science and Policy: an Introduction” shows how Global Systems Science can inform and model the impact of social, economic, political and environmental policy making.

Training courses and training material for High Performance Computing are well-established and widespread,
see e.g. the list of HPC training opportunities in Europe on the HLRS website.

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